Nendoroid Ayanami Rei?

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei?

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei?

OK, I have to say that there is no official confirmation about this. Some folks from 2chan posted this blurry photos of Nendoroid Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. If the news is true, then Rei will be the first Evangelion Nendoroid ever produced by Good Smile Company (and you can safely bet that Asuka and Mari would be joining her too in the future). Well let’s see how GSC will respond to this rumor. We’ll keep you updated. ^^

Update: More photos after the break.

Update 2: A rumor suggested that Nendoroid Ayanami Rei will be manufactured by GSC and Grande Works, and it will be a limited item – only 50 pcs will be released (!!!!!!!). The price is estimated to be about 10,000 Yen.

Update 3: It seems that GSC is in no way affiliated with this Nendoroid version of Ayanami Rei as it’s produced solely by Grande Works. This Nendoroid is merely a garage kit – in which will come pre-painted and you have to use glue to attach her body parts instead of using joints (or so they said). I guess I’ll wait for official version by GSC then. (Thanks to Reitai for pointing this out)

More Rei’s shots:

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (front)

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (front)

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (cockpit)

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (cockpit)

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (cockpit - back)

Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (cockpit - back)

Well … let’s wait for official announcement real soon.

Via 2chan via Wcloudxkumo Blog

5 comments on “Nendoroid Ayanami Rei?

  1. rendoroid says:

    It said LIMITED 50 pcs only~~~

  2. animaster says:

    So GSC confirmed that they will release Nendoroid Ayanami Rei? I bet there will be a Nendoroid uproar (or even war ^^), if they only release 50 pcs of this Nendo. XD

  3. Hakurei says:

    GSC does not 'officially' approved this nendo as this one is only a garage kit made by grandeworks alone, hence explaining its niche production :its just the same case as those unofficial clannad and fate nendoroid years ago :)just give GSC another year and we should see 'the real thing'beside, 10k yen for a single nendo is a definite no-no for me :p

  4. […] for Nendoroid Minami Kana and Haruka is Yoshio (LAUGH) who, if I am not mistaken, has also made the garage kit of Nendoroid Ayanami Rei. Will we also see her soon? […]

  5. Timothyrouri says:

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