Nendoroid 58: KAITO to be Re-released

Nendoroid 58: KAITO

Nendoroid 58: KAITO

For those who missed Nendoroid 58: Kaito, rejoice! Good Smile Corporation has decided to re-issue him. Well, as a Vocaloid-Nendo collector (including myself), this Nendo is a must-have. ^^;

Now let’s see when this baby’s preorder going to show up …

Update: Nendoroid Kaito’s re-issue has been confirmed. The official release date would be late July (yes, THIS MONTH!).

Update 2: Some online retailers (AmiAmi, Hobby Search) has closed their reservation order on Kaito-kun.

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5 comments on “Nendoroid 58: KAITO to be Re-released

  1. Remy Lima says:

    Good news, then I don't need to spend more than 100 bucks just to get him.

  2. Cybeast says:

    I don't want a male nendoroid ._.

  3. Testing says:


  4. […] wouldn’t want to see both of them sold out due to the high demand, just like what happened in KAITO re-issue which was out-of-stock in 15 minutes at AmiAmi. Hmm … I’m thinking to purchase one more […]

  5. […] Nendoroid KAITO is currently being considered for re-sale (again). […]

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