The Beginning

This is my first entry…(man, I feel kinda nervous :p), anyway, I just want to share something about how I open my wallet to army of nendoroid. I feel bad for my wallet, but it’s just a slightly :p

end of joke, this is the nendoroid whose hold a key to open my wallet XD

Al Azif

Al Azif's New Doll :3

yup, this is nendoroid Al Azif, from Nitro+! I don’t know anything about her, but I fall in love instantly when I saw her (and my wallet cries instantly)

here is what you got when you buy nendoroid Al Azif:

except the bunny, of course 😀

here’s how to attach her headset:

basically, her headset split in half, and you can insert the peg on each half of it into holes in her head (holes can be use for attaching ribbons, don’t worry :p)

my most favorite pose of her:

she is commanding you! this is my most favorite pose. other than she looks cute, but I love getting commanded (and scolded…yes, I’m a maso…just kidding :p)

this is some random blob that you got when you buy her. anyone know what is this? although he looks like something you will kill at lower level or become your pet, but I think he isn’t (that something is pink colored, by the way!)

and that picture brings me to the end of my first entry…what should I say?

do I regret opening my wallet for nendoroids? for sure, I’m not, because they are all (except that forbidden one with glossy clothes and thick lipstick) cute, and they are really photogenic! 😀

before I end my entry, here’s a bonus for you all who read it until the end:

Azu~nyan says, "won't you buy me?"

thanks for reading! 😀

7 comments on “The Beginning

  1. animaster says:

    Oh Al-Azif … I regret that I didn't buy her when I saw her about 2 years ago. T__TShe is one of the best Nendoroids in the first 50.I think the mysterious blob looks like some kind of Japanese ghost. ^^;”… that forbidden one with glossy clothes and thick lipstick …”Hmm … I have no idea about this one … ^^;+1 for Azu-nyan and … loves the Nendo playset. ^^

  2. Cybeast says:

    I'm saving for buying music class playset right now…XDand the one that shouldn't got called is…start with J, and end with X

  3. animaster says:

    The music class playset … is it released yet?I got it … Nendoroid #35. Agreed, it is not cute at all … I wonder how (s)he got into Nendoroid series ^^;

  4. Cybeast says:

    should be already released…XDand I wonder…maybe someone sneak her design into GSC's work desk =O

  5. Rendoroid says:

    one of the most beautiful nendo 😉 after kureha, otome…

  6. animaster says:

    Yep, Nendo Al-Azif is beautiful. It's unfortunate that I cannot find her anywhere nowadays, and even if I ever find her, I'd have to burn a hole in my wallet to get her. >_<

  7. […] from Vocaloid – yep, Hatsune Miku, Kagamines, Megurine Luka, KAITO, etc. She also sculpted Nendoroid Al-Azif, which is often considered as one of the most beautiful Nendoroids so far. Her recent work is […]

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