Nendoroid 28d: Hiiragi Kagami (Saitama Shimbun version)

Nendoroid 28d: Hiiragi Kagami (Saitama Shimbun version)

Nendoroid 28d: Hiiragi Kagami (Saitama Shimbun version)

Here’s my first Nendo-review: Nendoroid 28d Hiiragi Kagami (Saitama Shimbun version). This Nendo is released to celebrate 65th anniversary of Saitama Shimbun (a daily newspaper in Saitama) and there are only 7,000 pieces available. I think I’m kinda lucky to get my hand on this limited Nendo. ^^;

If you see the numbering of this Nendo, there is a “d” added after the Nendo’s number; indicating several version released previously.

The packaging

The packaging

28d: Saitama Shimbun version

28d: Saitama Shimbun version

Yes, this one is the 4th version of Hiiragi Kagami Nendoroid, and the three previous releases are:

  1. Nendoroid 28a: Hiiragi Kagami (Comptiq version)
  2. Nendoroid 28b: Hiiragi Kagami (Lucky ☆ Star Official Website version)
  3. Nendoroid 28c: Hiiragi Kagami (Chara-Ani version)

I think this one is a renewal version of 28a, because it carries several parts from the Comptiq version.

OK, so let’s see what’s inside the box.

The parts

The parts

Opening the packaging reveals all the parts and accessories that come with Kagami-chan. Here they are:

  • 3 face plates
  • 2 pair of legs – standing (installed) and sitting
  • 3 skirts – bunny tailed (installed), normal, and sitting
  • 2 pair of ribbons – bunny band (installed) and normal
  • 2 pair of palms and 1 special palm for holding the newspaper
  • A chair
  • A Nendoroid stand with 2 optional parts
  • A blank plate (more about this later)
  • A pair of newspaper stickers – one of them is used for spare (more about this later)
  • Newspaper sticker manual

Well, the unique part is the newspaper set. We have to stick the newspaper sticker to the blank plate as instructed in the newspaper sticker manual. There is also one extra spare sticker if we do it incorrectly. ^^

Uh ... you don't like reading newspaper, Kagami-chan?

Uh ... you don't like reading newspaper, Kagami-chan?

It seems that Kagami-chan doesn’t like reading newspaper. At least she provided us some fan services there, didn’t she? Well, especially from this viewing angle. -^^-

Let's do some action pose, Kagami-chan!

Let's do some action pose, Kagami-chan!

She didn't feel too comfortable wearing the bunny outfit

She didn't feel too comfortable wearing the bunny outfit

Here's how she looks like from behind

Here's how she looks like from behind

I think Kagami-chan was not comfortable wearing the bunny cosplay stuff. ^^;


It comes with a decent amount of parts and accessories, and it’s tempting enough for you, Nendoroid collector to grab one, even if you’re no fan of Lucky Star series. If you are a fan of the series, then you should not miss this Nendoroid, especially if you missed the Comptiq version. Pair it up with Saitama Shimbun version of Konata-chan for more Nendo-Lucky-fun. ^^

Anyway, let’s arrange a meeting between Kagami-chan and her other self.

Kagami and Kagamikku

Kagami and Kagamikku

Haha … it seems like Kagami-chan(s) don’t like cosplaying. ^^

14 comments on “Nendoroid 28d: Hiiragi Kagami (Saitama Shimbun version)

  1. Panzermaid says:

    ouwh~kagami shinbun ver…. :(i want you, i love the ears… :DhemmH~but not different with comptiq ver. i think… ^^

  2. animaster says:

    Lovely bunny-styled ears, aren't they?Yes, I think this one is about 95% the same as Comptiq version, minus the newspaper set. ^^;

  3. Panzermaid says:

    ahahah~yeah, a lovely bunny-styled ears…very lovely… X3you said it, hemmH~I just know that nendoroid kagamine have three versions…i think just two version…i hope they release more kagamine variants… XD

  4. animaster says:

    Looking at GSC's nature nowadays, I think we'll see more Kagamines in the future as Lucky Star is one of their most popular Nendo series. ^^

  5. Panzermaid says:

    hemmh~yeah true, but i hope there is more character from lucky star like iwasaki minami or kobayakawa yutaka is make to nendoroid, not petit nendoroid.. ^^;i hope there is kagamine nendoroid in maid costume… XD

  6. animaster says:

    If a new season of Lucky Star is released, then GSC will more likely to release more Nendoroids of the characters, including Minami and Yutaka.+1 to maid Kagamine Nendoroid. ^^

  7. Pus2meong says:

    There's always decal sheet if you screw it up the original one 😀

  8. Panzermaid says:

    hemmH~yeah, maybe we should ask for new seasons of lucky star then GSC will release lucky star nendoroids series… XDyeah~because it's rare find a nendoroid with maid costume… ^^

  9. ninjovee says:

    Hi! I’m curious about the quality of Saitama Shimbun Kagami because I have the Comptiq version and I’m not really satisfied with her quality. Does your Kagami have problems like short joints (compared to newer nendos), uneven/excess paint and the joints not fitting properly? Also are you able to balance her properly on her chair or does it really take extra effort?

    • Anonymous says:

      To answer your questions:
      Q: Short joints and joints not fitting properly?
      A: Nope. I tried to swap her heads with Kousaka Kirino, and it fits perfectly within each other.

      Q: Unevent/excess paint?
      A: Pretty minor. In fact, it is really difficult to be spotted.

      Q: Hard to balance for sitting on chair pose?
      A: Nope. It was quite straightforward. Little to none of extra effort needed.

      See the attached pics for reference.

      Anyway, sorry, but did you, by any chance, purchased a bootleg Nendoroid Kagami: Comptiq version?

      • ninjovee says:

        Nope. I bought it from Mandarake. She’s also matte and her box has the Kadokawa sticker on it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I see. A friend of mine has Nendoroid Konata: Comptiq version, and he said that Konata’s joints are shorter than other Nendoroid. Excess paints are not spotted, but he said that the joints are quite fragile – he has broken several joints of Konata.

        Well, I have no idea whether it also applies to the Comptiq version of Kagami.

      • ninjovee says:

        Yeah. Kagami’s joints are fragile too. I just opened her last night and one of her neck joints broke when I was trying to swap faces. She didn’t have joints on her sitting legs either. The paint job on her hair is fine but her bunny ears (and ribbon) have her hair color painted on it like they were painted at the same time with the twintails. I guess I got a Kagami that’s missed quality check. Comparing the Saitama Shimbun nendo with Comptiq though, Saitama is definitely the better version. Thanks for the info!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah I see …. that was unfortunate.
        Anyway, I’m glad to be of some help. ^^
        Hopefully your next Nendoroid won’t have the same level of QC as your Comptiq Kagami.

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