Good Morning, Pus2Meong Here

Nendoroid Raspberyl by pus2meong,

Good morning people, Pus2Meong here.

Met pagi, Pus2Meong disini. Setelah rada kerepotan karena system ternyata nggak melakukan resize otomatis yang mengakibatkan gambar nembus sidebar kanan, akhirnya pake solusi gaya programer web dah 😀

Buat author lainnya, kalo gambarnya kegedean, coba tambahin kode [width=”500″ height=”375″] tanpa tanda kurung setelah kode IMG (klik tab HTML buat lihat kodenya).

Anyway, the image above was taken when I was participating in watching 2012 movie. It was shot on the ticket desk area where no one there in the morning. As you can see, Rasp still wearing her plastic skirt protector, she still a newNendoroid during that time. But now, I don’t know where is her plastic skirt. May be mum throw it away to the trash can 😀

5 comments on “Good Morning, Pus2Meong Here

  1. animaster says:

    It seems that the current theme doesn't support image auto-resize. That's why I use Flickr for photo-blogging. They have some kind of resize system for each uploaded images (see here:…), so I don't have to worry about the large size of original photo. ^^Anyway, how could you get into the ticket box in the morning? Wasn't it still closed? ^^;

    • pus2meong says:

      I came at 7 AM to participating “Nonton Bareng” event that being held by one of drinking water company at Senayan City. This event was started at the early morning where XXI business hour still not open because to prevent schedule crash from XXI original playing schedule.

      And of course, since this is an event, I don’t need any ticket

  2. Fuu-cHan says:

    My berryl still have her plastic skirt….XD

  3. animaster says:

    Any particular reason why it is not removed yet? ^^

  4. Fuu-cHan says:

    I remove it when i want to take berryl's pictures, then put it back when i put her in her box….Hmmm,maybe to keep the “new” feeling….XD

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