The Forbidden Book

Do not read that book!!

Do not read that book!!

Tako-Luka found a mysterious book at Miku’s room. Rin and Len tagged along with her to read that book. Then Miku stepped in and told them to avoid reading it. Is it a forbidden book?

(to be continued … probably)

9 comments on “The Forbidden Book

  1. Cybeast says:

    it's a book of apocalypse!

  2. animaster says:

    Possibly. It's still as mysterious as it was when being found by Tako-Luka. Some people said that it's supposed to be a spell book used for summoning ritual of a legendary twin-tailed angel. Let's see how it will turn out … ^^

  3. Cybeast says:

    or maybe some twin tailed legendary singer! XD

  4. Panzermaid says:

    a miku death note…?? O_Omaybe … X3

  5. animaster says:

    It's a possibility, though I have no idea whether Miku has any enemies or someone to be … killed. ^^;

  6. Panzermaid says:

    ahahah~yeah true… ^^;

  7. Darkvoid says:

    is that….”her” book? I don't want to say her name to spoil it…

  8. animaster says:

    Yep, the book is hers … supposedly. ^^

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